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Ipswich hedgehog officer appointed after global interest in job

Ipswich hedgehog officer appointed after global interest in job

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 23:26:05 GMT

A hedgehog officer is set to start work to improve animal numbers after an advert for the Ipswich-based job sparks worldwide interest.

Newmarket gallop: £10m hill could be 'boost to horseracing'

Newmarket gallop: £10m hill could be 'boost to horseracing'

Thu, 25 Aug 2016 12:14:47 GMT

Plans for a £10m gallop which could "provide a boost to the horseracing industry" are revealed.

Cambridgeshire Police detective Matthew Swash sacked over computer misuse

Cambridgeshire Police detective Matthew Swash sacked over computer misuse

Thu, 25 Aug 2016 16:05:11 GMT

A Cambridgeshire police officer is sacked without notice for gross misconduct after he was convicted of an offence under the Computer Misuse Act.

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The Year of Magical (Leadership) Thinking

Many commentators were stunned when, in his acceptance speech at the Republican national convention, Donald Trump insisted that “I alone” can fix the “crisis’ that besets the United States.  Things “will all change when I take office.” Although it isn’t easy or comfortable, let’s put aside for a moment the specifics of his indictment of […]

Security Challenges for a New Administration

The awesome responsibility inherent in controlling the United States’ nuclear weapons arsenal has given an increasing number of experienced former officials pause about contemplating a Donald Trump presidency. Fifty former senior officials, Republicans, stated in a letter opposing Trump that “he lacks the character, values and experience” to be President and would put our nation’s […]

Nietzsche’s early years in pictures

1861 This photograph, taken for Confirmation, was probably the first portrait of himself that Nietzsche had ever seen. Fundamentally pleased with it, he nonetheless acknowledged its homelier aspects: “My stance is hunched, my feet somewhat crooked, and my hand looks like a dumpling.”   1862 In this image Nietzsche seems quite a different person from […]

Fascinating Nietzsche

When I began my biography of Nietzsche’s youth, The Making of Friedrich Nietzsche, I expected eventually to dislike my subject. Biographers frequently start by admiring their protagonists, then become hostile. Why should I be different? My experience, however, was the opposite. I found a great deal repellent in Nietzsche at the beginning, then decided that […]

Think there’s a lot of gender bias in U.S. elections? Think again.

With all the attention this year to Hillary Clinton’s historic candidacy and Donald Trump’s sexist campaign-trail remarks, it’s reasonable to think that U.S. elections are all about gender. But gender’s prominence in the 2016 presidential contest is actually unusual for American political campaigns. In our new book, Women on the Run: Gender, Media, and Political […]

Shakespeare’s First Folio: the most-studied book in the world

The most-studied book in the world must be Mr William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies, a collection of thirty-six plays first published in London in 1623 and now known as the First Folio. Every single one of its nine hundred pages – even every single piece of type on every page – has been minutely […]