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Donna Bull death: Crash plane pilot had 'fake licence'

Donna Bull death: Crash plane pilot had 'fake licence'

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 16:03:46 GMT

The pilot of an aircraft which killed 50 people when it crashed - including a Cambridge woman - had a fake licence, an inquest hears.

Bomb squad called to Cambridge United boss's home over boot briefcase

Bomb squad called to Cambridge United boss's home over boot briefcase

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 21:07:43 GMT

A football club boss sparks a bomb alert when he finds a briefcase containing two Jordanian passports in his car boot.

Labour leadership election: East party members call for truce

Labour leadership election: East party members call for truce

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 16:00:55 GMT

Labour politicians in the East call for a truce after Jeremy Corbyn's resounding victory - but can it last?

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Some thoughts on assembling a creature: editing The Cambridge Companion to Frankenstein.

Assembling The Cambridge Companion to Frankenstein raised some interesting questions at the developmental stage about the type of coverage that students would find helpful. Frankenstein is a novel that is taught in a variety of contexts and courses, including modules on Romanticism, the Gothic, science fiction and gender studies, amongst many others.  It is also […]

Remembering the Great Fire of London, 350 years on

Was fuel consumption a key factor in the Great Fire? Londoners and the city’s friends around the world have been remembering The Great Fire of London this week, when much of the city burned down over a few horrific days early in September of 1666. The causes of that fire are reasonably well known: like […]

Sculpting the Earth

Landscapes of the Anthropocene So it seems that the Anthropocene is really here and the Holocene is over. Humans have significantly altered the surface of the Earth. Geologists in the Working Group on the Anthropocene reported to the International Geological Congress in Cape Town at the end of August 2016 that there is now clear […]

Rogue Agents

Do individuals change history? This is the question that lies at the heart of Imperial Underworld, the story of an escaped convict who reinvented himself as a political activist with global impact. Over the past decade I have tracked a small-time lawyer turned horse thief through the archives of the most powerful men of the […]

Time is precious — optimize your approach to learning general relativity

Why did you write A Student’s Manual ? My goal was to make general relativity accessible to a wider audience, including self-learners who don’t have access to a professor or classmates to ask questions or verify their answers to exercises. I had in mind perhaps a retired engineer who studied basic calculus and linear algebra […]

New book trailer for The Letters of Samuel Beckett

The fourth and final volume, which completes the Cambridge edition of The Letters of Samuel Beckett, covers the final twenty-four years of what was, as Beckett saw it, a surprisingly long life. During these years he produced many of his finest and most concentrated works for theatre, plays that included Not I, Ohio Impromptu, and […]