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Giulio Regeni: Egypt airs video of murdered Italian student

Giulio Regeni: Egypt airs video of murdered Italian student

Tue, 24 Jan 2017 10:32:29 GMT

Footage shows Giulio Regeni being repeatedly asked for money before his murder.

Cambridgeshire undercover 'farmer' saves 15 pigs

Cambridgeshire undercover 'farmer' saves 15 pigs

Mon, 23 Jan 2017 22:16:25 GMT

An animal rescue said it had to go undercover to save 15 pigs headed for slaughter.

Cambridge scientists consider fake news 'vaccine'

Cambridge scientists consider fake news 'vaccine'

Mon, 23 Jan 2017 05:10:53 GMT

Concern at fabricated stories on websites prompts a psychological study to help people spot fake news.

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Announcing the winner of our ‘Shoot the Moon’ photo competition

So congratulations to Samuele Draghi from Milan whose photograph (below) impressed Nicolas the most. Samuelle wins £100 worth of Cambridge astronomy books. Nicolas said: “This image makes the best use of basic amateur astronomer’s equipment. It’s a mosaic image (addition of images resulting from movies taken some tens of seconds apart), compensating for the very […]

IQ and Neuroscience

Are you saying intelligence test scores are the most important thing about a person? No. No person can be reduced meaningfully to a test score. I am saying that, like it or not, the differences among people in their general ability to solve problems and learn complex material are important aspects of life success. Intelligence […]

Why Read Saul Bellow Now?

Saul Bellow, for over half a century, has been the voice of American conscience. A novelist of difficult and complex ideas, Bellow challenges us to cast a critical gaze upon the encounters and engagements of the 20th century. The “great experiment” that has been America, “the land of the present; its orientation is toward the […]

Emma Darwin and women’s higher education

In 1888, Emma Darwin wrote to her daughter Henrietta, ‘Now I must write and decline subscribing to the Shaen memorial at Bedford College, but the fact is that I do not care for the higher education of women, though I ought to do so.’ (Later she continued, ‘After all I did send £10 to the […]

Darwin and Women: the story of Amy and Elizabeth

Darwin’s second surviving daughter, Elizabeth, has much less of a public persona than her sister Henrietta, or even the much loved Annie, who died at the age of 10. She may have had some developmental problems as a child, but her later letters suggest a calm and thoughtful woman. Bernard Darwin, her nephew, comments in […]

30 years of LLE

The year 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the equation formulated by Luigi Lugiato and Renè Lefever to provide a paradigm for pattern formation à la Turing in nonlinear optical systems [1]. Chapter 28 of the book Nonlinear Optical Systems, 2015 by L. Lugiato, F.Prati, M.Brambilla, is devoted to the illustration of the meaning and […]